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From a young age Lobo moved from Hong Kong to Europe. As a young boy he started out as a dish washer and soon he would start his training in the kitchen as a chef. Under the tutelage of a variety of Chefs in the Japanese cuisine. About 20 years ago he first made his start as chef in the first Japanese Teppanyaki & Sushi restaurant in Groningen: Fujiyama. Years later, he became interested in the Korean cuisine and started his training under a Chef from Dalian (South Korea). Under his tutelage, he learned the ins and outs of the Korean kitchen that lead to the present day in 5 Smaken. Where Lobo aims to provide you with the best Korean experience in Groningen through his homemade Kimchi to the freshly prepared Bulgogi.

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5 Smaken Asian Dining & Drinks is located in the heart of Groningen, in the Poelestraat with all the cosy bars. We prepare our dishes to produce the 5 basic tastes of: sweet, sour, salty and bitter and Umami うま味.   At 5 Smaken, you will enjoy the finest dishes found in the Asian Cuisine ranging from: Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.  In fact, good is just part of the experience. We also take pride in our exotic cocktails like: Tom Yam Siam, Mango Sticky Rice and our Wasabi Martini.

Furthermore, 5 Smaken is also open for private dining or Sushi workshops or space rental. Are you ready to show-off your singing skills with friends or colleagues? 5 Smaken also provides you with the service to have a Karaoke party! To find out more

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